• 21st Century Stress
    This is turning out to be a pretty tough century. Or at least so far. The recent earthquake-like shocks in the economy have impacted everyone, and most people's stress levels Read more
  • Vitamin D - The Superstar Supplement
    You may remember the public health slogan, "Vitamin D helps build strong bones." This message could be seen on colorful school posters and heard on radio and television programs as Read more
  • Bursts of Activity
    We all know that 30 minutes per day of strenuous exercise will provide many health benefits. Recent Federal guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services1 have even made Read more
  • Quick tips How to avoid getting sick this winter
    Get your vitamin D. You may be chugging orange juice to load up on vitamin C, but most people become deficient in vitamin D in the winter. Since its main Read more
  • Health Care Breakthroughs - Hope or Hype?
    Healthy Lifestyles Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity - a formidable triad. These chronic disorders are interrelated, and the presence of one will often lead over time to development of one or Read more
  • Getting a Good Night's Sleep
    Ensuring Restful Sleep - Positive Self-Talk A great way to establish the habit of restful sleep is to quietly talk to yourself a little before falling asleep. In essence you're talking Read more
  • Your Brain and You
    You are the lucky owner of a magnificent piece of biological machinery - the human brain. Your brain is always on, performs lightning-fast calculations, and is a whiz at making Read more
  • Your Brain and You
    Complex Carbohydrates  Sugar is sugar, right? From a physiological viewpoint, blood glucose is blood glucose, right? Wrong. The source of the glucose is what counts and has everything to do with Read more
  • Decompression
    Decompression Chiropractic Care Promotes Flexibility, Balance, and Coordination Flexibility, balance, and coordination are innate human functions. These abilities add beauty to the forms of our physical actions. We instinctively admire the grace Read more
  • Conservation of Energy
    Breakfast - Meal of Champions  "Eat a good breakfast!" We've heard this advice all our lives. Most of us completely ignore this ancient recommendation, rushing out the door every morning to Read more
  • Road Trip
    Super-Charged Carrot Muffins These delicious muffins are highly nutritious and packed with energy. They combine plenty of protein and carbohydrate and - with a glass of milk - make a complete Read more
  • Surf City
    CORE Exercises Exercises specifically designed to strengthen your body's "core" have a remarkable range of benefits. Balance, strength, flexibility and coordination are all improved by these essential exercises. The main muscle Read more
  • Erasing Migraines: An M.D. Turns to Chiropractic
    Stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue have been no small component of Dr. Michael Benson’s life. As a fetal surgeon, Benson is often up for 24- to 36-hour stretches at a Read more
  • Chiropractic and Aerobic Fitness
    Stroke Volume  Stroke volume is not about improving your golf score. At least, not directly. :-) Physiologically, stroke volume is the amount of blood your heart pumps every time it beats. The Read more
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    Your Nerve System and You Keeping Your Nerve System Healthy  B-complex vitamins are necessary for normal functioning of the nerve system. B vitamins include thiamine(B1), riboflavin(B2), niacin B3), and pyridoxine (B6). Thiamine Read more